Volunteer Profile: Tina Havenhand

We spoke to Tina Havenhand, Director at Sheffield based accountancy firm MGRW, about why she got involved in our campaign, what she's been up to and why it is so important to her.

Why did you get involved in See it Be it in Sheffield? 

It became clear to me, following several recruitment drives that there was a lack of diversity candidate applications in respect of social mobility, neurodiversity and ethnicity and I wanted to look at ways in which I could engage with young adults to support the transition from education into the workplace and provide information on a career in the accounting industry.

Tina delivering a workshop

What activities have you been doing?

I support the See It Be It In Sheffield Campaign as a SIBI Ambassador and regular volunteer, going into schools to talk to students about career opportunities, helping to host workshops and taking part in mock interviews. I am an Enterprise Adviser for Talbot Specialist School, supporting the careers leader in the school with work experience opportunities for SEND children with an Education Health Care Plan. 

MGRW were proud to sponsor the Biggest Profit award at last year's BiG Challenge and host the winning team from Forge Valley School for a work insight visit.

I’m also a mentor and internship provider for the national Career Ready programme, currently supporting a student from Longley Park College. 

What have you enjoyed about being involved in our campaign?

I love getting members of staff involved in the campaign and seeing how it makes them feel about outreach work in the community and our impact as a firm, working towards our own CSR goals.


Some of our staff have worked their way through the apprenticeship scheme and our now ACCA qualified. They have been in the position of some of the young people we are now supporting and for them to now help inspire young people who are in the same position as they have been, gives them a sense of achievement.

Tina at BiG Challenge Awards with winning team from Forge Valley

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved in Careers Education in Schools and Colleges?

You absolutely should do it! We need to ensure our industries welcome and encourage individuals from all backgrounds and in order to do that we need to reach out to communities to ensure they have the knowledge and opportunities to consider a career in whatever industry we are from. Being able to make a difference gives you a great sense of satisfaction too!

If you would like to join Tina as a SIBI Ambassador, Enterprise Advisor, or just get involved in one-off opportunities, contact us on seeitbeit@sheffield.gov.uk