Our Ambassadors

Our SIBI Ambassadors are a group of representatives from local employers and businesses who have come together to help shape the See it Be it in Sheffield campaign, share best practice and promote it to their connections. 

Our Ambassadors help to ensure our work is employer-led, relevant, up-to-date and collaborative.

Shabaz Abbas - FACES

SIBI Ambassador logo

Helen Brown - Department for Work and Pensions

Louise Carnie

Louise Carnie - Virgin Money

Heather Chapman

Heather Chapman - The Web Word

John Chapman

John Chapman - Past Lives Ancestry and Research

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Fiona Fletcher - Opportunity Sheffield

Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson - Sheffield City Trust

Tina Havenhand

Tina Havenhand - MGRW

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Charlie Hedges - Sheffield Business Together

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Ben Locke - Refaced

Martin McKervey

Martin McKervey - AESSEAL

Carolynn McConnell

Carolynn McConnell - Sheffield Business Together

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Chloe McIntosh - McIntosh Mortgages & Associates

Abi Merritt

Abi Merritt - Mercia Learning Trust

Ross Musgrove

Ross Musgrove - Bravand

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Kelvin Quick - China Red

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Chella Quint - Period Positive

Rhian Scott

Rhian Scott - RJS Business Support

Danielle Sheldon - Andy Hanselman Consulting

Andrew Sherwin

Andrew Sherwin - The Curve

Mark Storey

Mark Storey - SCCCC

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Mark Thomas - So Wellbeing

Jill White - Andy Hanselman Consulting